Group Training Class

More than seven participants in a training class.  The training is conducted in our Branches. 

Group training focus on grading system. This is steady and consistent program focus on self defense, Self confidence, Self esteem, patience, culture and technique etc.

Teaching lessons based on the system.

We have group training class at yaolan Kungfu, Americal Institute, Vanchiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India


Corporate Workshop

We offer private and corporate workshop/seminar at your location. This workshop develop self defense skill, Relaxation, basic fitness, Awareness etc.

This seminar will reach your physical fitness goal, self defense, personal safety and well being. Travel, hotel and other expenses may apply.

Contact us with your requirement, budget and number of participants. We will customize a program that suitable to your needs.

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Private & Personal training

This is one on one training or small private group program. In this program we will guide and support you to achieve the desired goal. The main goal of the training is fitness, Weight loss, competition, Self confidence, overcoming emotional stress etc.

And the convenience are, it can be arranged family or friends or Small private group , flexible day and time, corporate or  club wellness program.

This program can be customized the needs of your organization Please make an appointment for consultation with your requirement, budget and number of participants.

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Regular Kungfu Classes

The Instructor is having 32 year experience in teaching Kungfu. At present all who teaching Jow Ga kungfu in Kerala state are students of him.

–  Weekly one or two class for 2 hour long each. In this course will teach you the lessons from the basic. This course is based on grading system. 

Admission opens to all.

Contact us for more details call 9744707070

How to join our class?

Group Training: – 

  1. Visit any of Yaolan authorized Jow Ga Kungfu Training training branch.     
  2. Bring with following- 1) Original ID card 2) copy of original ID card 3) Two passport size photo with white back ground and taken within the last four month.
  3. Soft copy of the above photo
  1.   Consult the Instructor
  2. If agreed fill up the application form

6)   Remit the registration fee.

7)  Purchase uniform

8) And can start training

Frequently asked questions....

Every Thursday 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM

Venue:- Yaolan Kungfu, American Institute, Vanchiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Classes open to all gender, age and age between 7 and 70

No, prior martial art experience is not necessary.

As of now we do not provide food and accommodation.  The student has to arrange their own travel, food and accommodation.

No. our classes are mixed. Beginners as well as experienced students are in the class.

Personal training, Private training, Corporate workshop

Send your bio date along with request shows your requirement, Budget, no of participant etc.   If your request is considered we will inform you via email. Then you make an appointment for consultation.