Sam CHan

In Jow Ga India is one of the most recognized Kungfu Training units of Yaolan Kungfu School. Since 1996 onwards we are teaching JowGa Kungfu.

Grand master Sam Hing Fai Chan

Grand master: Sam Hing Fai Chan is one of the most versatile martial artist in the world now.

Grand Master: Sam Hing Fai Chan began his martial arts training when he was eight years old. He spent many years studying Jow Ga style martial art under Lee Ngou in Hong Kong . Grand Master: Chan also studied Wing Chun with Grand Masters: Ip Chun and Ip Ching. He has been teaching Chinese Martial Arts in Michigan since 1975. He also teaches Tai Chi and Chinese Lion Dance. Grand Master: Chan opened his first school on Division Avenue in 1991 and expanded to a larger location recently with over ten thousands square feet of training area. Grand Master: Chan recently shared his understanding of Wing Chun in published book on the application and techniques using the wooden dummy. He also teaches by example of the way of life through martial arts, and training in Tai Chi.

Grand master: Chan’s methodology can be expressed as follows: “Kungfu is not always related to self-defense or fighting, it is the wisdom that has been passed down from ancient Chinese society. It is a part of Chinese culture, history, health, medicine and philosophy.” Grand master: Chan is also a certified acupuncturist from Shanghai T.C.M. College of acupuncture.

He also earned a B.S. degree from Ferris State University .       

Grand master: Chan is the Director of Ip Ching United States Wing Chun Athletic Association and has been designated by Grand Master: Ip Ching as the Head Representative to represent the Ip Ching United States Wing Chun Athletic Association in the United States .

Grand Master: Chan accepted K.P.Nataraj as his first student in India to assist him to develop a good quality Chinese martial art school in India . In connection with this he visited India in February 2006.